Sterling Keeper is proud to present the public with information on where they can learn about Silver Jewelry, and does so because we believe that an informed consumer makes the best customer.   As this page develops, we will be adding more images and links with markings on Native American Jewelry, Mexican Jewelry, Tribal Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry , Designer Jewelry and Sterling Silver Jewelry.

Native American Jewelry Resources 

     Without a double one of the best online resources to look up that unknown Native American Jewelry mark is "Hallmarks of the Southwest" by Barton Wright".   A revised copy of the entire book is online at

 through Amazon.   Please check it out. Mexican Silver Jewelry Resources

      The best reference guide online, IMHO, is "The Little Book of Mexican Silver Trade and Hallmarks" by Billie Hougart.    A revised copy can be found on line at Google Books.

Sterling Silver Marks

     INMO the best online place to find markings on Sterling Silver Items worldside is the "Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks & Makers' Marks" found at